Beauties and the Beast Team

Marton to Wanganui 2017 Relay, Saturday Sept 9th

Beauties and the Beasts Team

This year the relay was a very wet affair with all legs getting their fair share of the big wet.


Rachelle, We all think she likes walking in the wet ...Not

Ross, 2 Legs. He does his best

Karen, Consistent as ever

Trevor, 2 Legs. Surprised us all, well done

Sue, Another consistent member and bakes a great cake

Sharon, Took the heavy rain but kept smiling

Cath, She might become a walker yet. Top effort

Jocelyn, Brought it home at end. Cool

Sadly, Nicole hit the road surface and could not compete but was still an important team member.

Yet again Striders were very well represented at the prize giving. Thank you to the main committee for the contribution to the costs. We were all happy to be the fourth team home.