Harriers Report - Valley Road Colyton, 17th June

It was great to see some of our club members taking part in the Feilding Moa 2017 Vautier Cups-Sealed Handicap Cross Country Run Walk at Valley Road Colyton, on Saturday.

See Results attached

A sealed handicap event is where everyone starts together and has their time adjusted according to their handicap at the finish.

Only the "Handicapper" is aware of the participants handicaps at the start of the event and these are only revealed after the race is complete.

It is the type of Harriers Event that I am keen to see take place within our club in the future and when we become more established as a Group and we have more race stats to call upon then I feel sure that this will evolve.

Thanks to Feilding Moa for their invite and fantastic hospitality.

Great to have 2 consecutive fine Saturdays using a woolshed as a base!

Well done to Greer Robinson (competing in the Mini Moas) and to Jack Conley who both placed "across the line" in their junior grades.

Also congrats to Christine Wick for being 1st Female Walker.

Perry Newburn T Shirt

On Saturday at the afternoon tea function  held in the woolshed, I presented Jack Conley (Boys U/14) with a T Shirt that was worn by Perry Newburn during his famous run from  New York to Los Angeles, a distance of about 5,000 kilometres.

Perry has kindly donated this shirt to our club and had some words of wisdom and inspiration for Jack  when the 2 met up with each other for a chat on Saturday.   

(Incidentally Perry is hoping to break Siegfried (Siggy) Bauer's record of running the length of New Zealand.

The current record id 18 days and Perry is planning to do his run in September.)

Jack gets to keep the Shirt for one week and can wear it, take it to school, show his mates etc but must bring it back to Harriers the following Saturday where it will be awarded to another Striders Harrier. The decision on who is awarded the shirt will be made in discussion  with Parents and may not necessarily be for an outstanding performance ie it could be awarded to someone who has displayed good sportsmanship, or done something of note during the week ie at Chris Sanson's coaching etc.

Coaching with Chris

Don't forget coaching with Chris is held every Wednesday night at 4pm at our clubrooms. It is free for all Junior Harrier Members and intending Junior Harriers Members  and will continue for the duration of the Harriers season.

Next up

This Saturday (24th June 1.30pm) Cross Country Relays at Mangaone Park.1.30pm.
An email will be forwarded to you later in the week with Event info for this Saturday.

We are hosting Feilding Moa and hope to have some Harrier members from Palmerston North Club take part also.

There will be 2 relay races for everyone and teams will be formed on the day with clubs mixed in with each other in the same teams.

Younger children will be well catered for.

More detail to follow in my next email.

Emphasis will be on fun, enjoyment and meeting people from other club(s)

Alister Martin Club Captain - Manawatu Striders Harriers