Manawatu Striders AGM 28th November

The Manawatu Striders AGM is fast approaching

Date - 28th November

Time - 7.30pm

Place - Manawatu Striders Club Rooms (Manawaroa Park behind the Esplanade Cafe)

This is your chance to join the Main Committee if you wish to and learn where the club is heading for the next 12 months.

You can make a nomination below for Elected Positions on the Main Committee.
Nominations close 5pm Friday 17th November.

Bev and Glenn Patterson Rosebowl

This award goes out to a member (or couple as we have had in the past) who have contributed significantly to the club throughout the previous year. 

You can make a nomination below.
Nominations close 5pm Sunday 5th November.

Joining Committee

Interested in joining committee but want to know more? 
Please let us know and we can get in touch with you. 

You can also click here to read about how the club is run.

Ashhurst 2 Esplanade Club Training

As you know the Ashhurst 2 Esplanade is coming up in November and we would love to see lots of club members take part. 

This year, the club have got our friends at Love My Sport to provide coaching and training for all Manawatu Striders Members for the six weeks leading up to the A2E event. 

The great thing is if your a club member, its all free!

Chris and the team at Love My Sport ran a very successful training programme for the Half Marathon back in May. Our members that took part, Runners and Walkers, all had a great experience and no doubt will be signing up again. 

We would love to see lots of members taking up this great opportunity as we know you will learn lots and have fun along the way. 

Over the six weeks of training you will get a training programme to follow for your distance of choice in the A2E and it will be tailored to your level of fitness, runner or walker. 

You will be able to take part in a weekly training session on a Wednesday night and some group runs and walks on a few Sundays building up to the event. 

This really is a great chance to have a professional coach help you to your next goal. 

The first week of training is starting next week, 9th October.. but you can join in at any point you want over the next six week, however the earlier you join the fitter you will be on event day 

If you want to jump on this great programme you can email the team at Love My Sport or email Kim. 

LMS will need a few details which are below. 

If you have any question please get in touch with LMS or Kim. 


Manawatu Striders Committee

Details to join:

- Name
- Age
- Email
- Contact number
- Runner or Walker
- Event on the day. 
- Finish time goal
- Anything you think LMS should know about. 

LMS Email.




Beauties and the Beast Team

Marton to Wanganui 2017 Relay, Saturday Sept 9th

Beauties and the Beasts Team

This year the relay was a very wet affair with all legs getting their fair share of the big wet.


Rachelle, We all think she likes walking in the wet ...Not

Ross, 2 Legs. He does his best

Karen, Consistent as ever

Trevor, 2 Legs. Surprised us all, well done

Sue, Another consistent member and bakes a great cake

Sharon, Took the heavy rain but kept smiling

Cath, She might become a walker yet. Top effort

Jocelyn, Brought it home at end. Cool

Sadly, Nicole hit the road surface and could not compete but was still an important team member.

Yet again Striders were very well represented at the prize giving. Thank you to the main committee for the contribution to the costs. We were all happy to be the fourth team home.



Marton to Wanganui Relay - Al's Mob

Al's Mob enjoyed a sodden day for their 15th time in the Marton-Wanganui relay, however it is the first time that we have encountered such bad weather.    We had a good day out starting off in third place where we remained until leg 9 where Denises gutsy effort put us in 2nd place where we remained.    We were the meat ina Taranaki Race Walking sandwich with only 4 minutes separating the first three teams - great to have some competition all the way.      Everyone in our team put in maximum effort under not so good conditions and we all very much enjoyed our dry clothes and a couple of drinks at Wanganui East Club at the finish.    Striders got a fair share of the spot prizes in a well organized and enjoyable event.      Well done Beauties and the Beasts too - hopefully we'll all be back next year with better weather!!!


Striders Gazelles

The Striders Gazelles travelled to Halcombe on a balmy Palmy day to partake in this year’s Halcombe Relay. Our composite team had four walkers (Rachelle Cocker, Sharon Wright, Paul Jurgeleit and Nicole Patterson) and two runners (Lee Anne Hannan and Cath Staines). We weren’t there to break any records, but had a great day out with lots of laughs along the way! The whole team did well with Lee Anne deserving special mention since her actual time was significantly better than estimated – well done Lee Anne! The day was rounded off with the prize giving and another great afternoon tea before all returned home.



Happy Stridors and the Halcombe Relay

Saturday August 5th the team "Happy Stridors" consisting of Christine Wick, Karen Yule, Lynda Hartley, Lyn Honner, Val Holden and Liz Hanson took part in the Walkers Relay

What a glorious spring day we all met up at Bob and Barbaras at the pre arranged time then car pooled out to Halcombe where we walked to warm up and then to have our team photos taken by Bob and Barbara. Other teams arrived in drifts and drabs and then we had our pre event address by Robb Dabb organisor and given our start times and a safety debrief .

It was good to see teams from other regions eg Taranaki and Wanganui  taking part

Liz and Kevin were the first from the Stridors Teams to start at 1115 hrs along with two women from a Taranaki team in the walkers section according to the handicap times

One couldn't have wished for better walking conditionsthe sun was shining clear blue sky minimal breeze and spectacular countryside scenery with snow covered mountains in the background

Three of us completed our individual laps a bit quicker than the estimated time but the other three did well to come close to their estimated times .  Total time to complete the relay circuit 4 hours 15 minutes

Lynda and Karen joined our team this year a first appearance for Lyndalap time 39minutes 44 seconds and Karen joined our team for the first time lap time 45minutes 58 seconds

We all had fun plus some unplanned entertainment when Val unwittingly drove too far off the side of the road and got stuck in the boggy grass. With help from the "girls" and "boys" from "Bobs Mob" pushed her out to terrafirma amongst a lot of amused looks and laughter

Many thanks to Bob and Barbara Hartnell for all their help and organization and for being our team photographers plus support team on the day

Special thanks to Robb Dabb and Feilding Moa Harriers for putting on such a wonderful event and for providing the refreshments at the end of the day which always goes down a treat

Thank you to the Stridors Committee for providing each team with a grant to assist with covering costs incurred

To the" Happy Stridors" Team a huge thank you for being such good sports and helping to make it a fun wonderful day

Liz Hanson"Happy Stridors" team member 2017