How the Manawatu Striders is run

club flow chart.PNG

Manawatu Striders Main Committee

The Club is set up with one Main Committee elected at the Annual AGM; this Committee oversees the overall running and operations of the club. 

The Committee meets once a month approximately and works together to ensure the club is focusing its activities as guided by the Club Strategic Plan, with attention given to ensuring value for our current members, and attracting new members.

Some of the responsibilities of the Main Committee include:

  • Monitoring achievements against the strategic plan
  • Management of the club website
  • Planning of club weekly runs
  • Tracking of the club finances and budget
  • Club coaching programmes
  • Schools Road Race
  • Home School Cross Country

Manawatu Striders Events Committee

The Events Committee is made up of a group of people that run all the Manawatu Striders Events throughout the year. 

They arrange all of the planning in the lead-up to the event, including the sharp execution on the day.  This includes the setup and pack down of events, Traffic Management, Registration, Advertising and all things that go hand in hand with events.   

The events run by the Committee are: 

  • Super 7s
  • Full and Half Marathon
  • Kahuterawa Classic
  • Ashhurst to Esplanade

Manawatu Striders Harriers committee

The Harriers Committee oversee the running of the Cross Country Season, Road Racing and Track and Field.

It employs a professional coach to run its coaching programme open to all members.

It works with juniors and parents with joining the club and Athlete Development.

Manawatu Striders Social Committee

The Social Committee organize the club social events. 

These events are run throughout the year with a focus of bringing club members and friends together for a fun time leaving your running and walking shoes at home. 

Some of the get togethers are

  • Mid Winter Function
  • Christmas Function
  • Another fun function throughout the year

If you are interested in learning more about the Striders Team and getting involved behind the scenes? Please let us know.