Ashhurst 2 Esplanade Club Training

As you know the Ashhurst 2 Esplanade is coming up in November and we would love to see lots of club members take part. 

This year, the club have got our friends at Love My Sport to provide coaching and training for all Manawatu Striders Members for the six weeks leading up to the A2E event. 

The great thing is if your a club member, its all free!

Chris and the team at Love My Sport ran a very successful training programme for the Half Marathon back in May. Our members that took part, Runners and Walkers, all had a great experience and no doubt will be signing up again. 

We would love to see lots of members taking up this great opportunity as we know you will learn lots and have fun along the way. 

Over the six weeks of training you will get a training programme to follow for your distance of choice in the A2E and it will be tailored to your level of fitness, runner or walker. 

You will be able to take part in a weekly training session on a Wednesday night and some group runs and walks on a few Sundays building up to the event. 

This really is a great chance to have a professional coach help you to your next goal. 

The first week of training is starting next week, 9th October.. but you can join in at any point you want over the next six week, however the earlier you join the fitter you will be on event day 

If you want to jump on this great programme you can email the team at Love My Sport or email Kim. 

LMS will need a few details which are below. 

If you have any question please get in touch with LMS or Kim. 


Manawatu Striders Committee

Details to join:

- Name
- Age
- Email
- Contact number
- Runner or Walker
- Event on the day. 
- Finish time goal
- Anything you think LMS should know about. 

LMS Email.