Saturday 12 October 2019

A two-part event starting at the Dransfields Farm Wool Shed, 241 Kahuterawa Road.

A 7 km (long) or 3.5 km (short) course in the morning;

A 15 km (long) or 7 km (short) course in the afternoon.


Walkers start at 0830
Runners start at 0900

Walkers start at 1230
Runners start at 1300


$20 for both long courses
$10 for both short courses
$10 for one long course

Your entry includes an afternoon tea in the woolshed at approximately 3pm.

Cash entry on the day only.


Short Course
The course is along the main farm track with gentle rolling hills and the last part of Harts Road.
From the start you head uphill and along the flats past a hayshed. At the end of the straight the course turns right and drops into a gully. Once over the creek the course follows the flat lower level before turning right and heading up and over the ridge. At the bottom of the ridge you turn left, cross the creek, through the gate and along the metal track going through pine trees to the sealed entrance for C-Dax Industries. Continue up the short hill through the main gates and along Harts Road to the turnaround point. You return to the finish along the same route to the finish.

Long Course
The course is along sealed and metal public roads and returns to the finish through Dransfield’s farm from the end of Harts Road.
From the start you head along the woolshed access drive and left onto Kahuterawa Road. This is a sealed winding road with gentle hills but generally climbing as you go up the valley. Turning left onto Greens Road there is a short section of metalled road before a long steep climb up the sealed portion to the top of the hill. From the near the top the road is metalled again and drops down to a flat, but generally downhill winding metal road to its end. From the end of the road you follow the metalled track to the start of Turitea Road which is metalled to the drink station at the Turitea Stream bridge. From here the road is sealed and while it does head downhill there are a few short steep climbs. The last climb on the road is at the Gun Club and from there it is all downhill and across the Turitea Bridge to then turn left into Harts Road. From the start of Harts Road there is a long steep climb to the top then a long flat to the end of the road at the entrance. From this point the route is the same as the short course so at the entrance to C-Dax Industries you turn off the seal onto the metal farm track to go through the trees and the gate into Dransfield’s farm. It’s then a short flat and a right turn onto the farm track to go up and over the ridge. From here it’s a flat track to cross the stream and climb the hill to the flat track at the top. At the end of the straight after the hayshed you turn right and go down the hill following the track to the finish.