To encourage and facilitate active participation in running and walking

The Manawatu Striders (formerly known as the Manawatu Marathon Clinic) was founded in 1983.

The club caters for runners and walkers of all ages and ability levels. Members set their own goals and for many a reasonable standard of fitness will be their aim. For others, it is the completion of a full or half marathon or reducing their previous best time.

The philosophy of the Manawatu Striders is group walking and running. Groups exercise at a wide range of speeds and over varying distances. With such a wide variation, the club has to be very flexible. Individuals select the appropriate group according to their abilities and the goals they set for themselves. Groups are led by experienced runners and walkers whose roles include the guidance of beginners throughout the season. Runners and walkers enjoy the fun and companionship of group running and walking which can also be a big factor in motivation.

We are a friendly club and have an active and varied social programme.

The Club has two Committees.

  • The Main Committee that oversees governance and running of the club.
  • The Events Committee that oversees the running of all the Manawatu Striders events. 

Main Committee Members. 

  • Judith Cohen-Zwart (President)
  • Bob Hartnell (Chairperson)
  • Cath Staines (Secretary)
  • Charles Hunt (Treasurer)
  • Alister Martin (Harriers Club Captain)
  • Jane Warnock
  • Ross Campbell
  • Michelle Lindsay
  • Gerry Le Roux
  • Chris Sanson

Event Committee Members.

  • Phil Pirie
  • Phil Wilson
  • Alister Martin
  • Neil Ward
  • Bob Hartnell
  • Christine Wick
  • Liz Hanson
  • Nicole Patterson
  • Rita Owens

Manawatu Striders also employ an Events Co-ordinator Kim Fenn who oversees the events and running of the club and is the main point of contact for all members and inquiries.